Parents Supporting Parents

That’s the Neighbor way.


About Neighbor

Neighbor helps you connect with other parents and share tips and ideas for how enrich the lives of your children. From health to schooling to sports, your Neighbor have you covered.

What to do with Neighbor

Local Connections

The Neighbor app introduces you to other parents in your area so that you can get to know your neighborhood and share connections.

Plan Carpools

The Neighbor app makes it easy to get your kids to and from where they need to be with coordinated rides for parents who know each other.

Learn with The Community

The Neighbor app has deep community forums where you can trade parenting tips, learn about family-friendly events in your area, and ask questions of other parents.

Other Parents love the Neighbor. And so will you!


I've been using Neighbor to get to know the other parents in the area. It's been really helpful to hear their recommendations for things such as tutors and local community events.


Yvonne N.

Stay at home mom

Neighbor is must-have app for all parents. It has connected me with many awesome neighboring parents and my son has made many new friend!



Single Mom

I am really glad I finally found an app to carpool with other families. It has made my children's daily school routine much more manageable. On top of that, the app is super easy to use!



Daddy of three years old

Ways to Neighbor

Outreach Network

Neighbor introduces you to other parents in your area with similar interests and values. And as your children get to know their children, eveyone’s real-world circle of friends grows richer.

Know Your Child's Location

Is someone else picking up or dropping off your children? With Neighbor’s carpooling feature, you’ll feel safe knowing exactly where they are at all times.

Invite Other

Make your Neighbor village a little more your own by Inviting your friends into the community. It helps grow the circle of trust!

Build Trust in Person

Meet up with Neighbor community members for play dates and other events. Getting to know them in person helps build community trust

App made for only parents

At Neighbor, we strive to connect local parents to better share resources and information.

Every Day Is Better with a Friendly Neighbor