Get There Together

Meet other parents, and plan rides for your children now.

Parents, Teachers, Neighbors…and Kids

How It Works

Set Your Itinerary

Start by quickly defining the trips you take. Whether you’re setting up one-time trips or repeating schedules, Neighbor makes it easy to get going.

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    Start using Neighbor in seconds

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    Keep all your children’s travel in one place

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    Always stay on track

Get Matched with Other Parents

After you’ve submitted an itinerary, Neighbor works its magic. We’ll notify you when we’ve found another family with a matching trip and introduce you to each other via a text message.

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    Meet new and interesting people

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    Ensure compatibility with fellow riders

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    Make new friends for your children

Keep an Eye on Your Child

Neighbor guides you while driving other children and let’s you see where other parents are when they’re driving your children—all in real time.

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    Stay on the safest and fastest route

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    Pick up children easy

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    Maintain peace of mind

Learn with the Community

Join the forums to share parenting tips, learn more about the local community, and meet nearby families with whom you share interests.

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    Discover new family-friendly activities

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    Enrich your life by socializing offline

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    Be happier!

Neighbor Makes Life Easy

You’d rather spend time with your children than sit in traffic. They’d rather be playing than waiting around.

Download the Neighbor app, and do more of what you love.

Do More with Neighbor

Meet Your Neighbors

Neighbor helps you meet other parents in your area whose children share both similar interests and similar travel routes as your own.

Carpool Your Kids

Neighbor introduces you to those families so that you can share rides. Not only will you save time and gas, but your children will make new friends.

Strengthen Your Community

Neighbor’s community forums help you connect with other families in your area to trade parenting tips and discuss pressing community issues.